​​Top Welsh Springer Spaniel
2006, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016 & 2017 in the Danish Kennel Club & Spaniel Club - World Winner 2010 - Junior World Winner 2011 - Winder of group 8 junior World Dog Show 2011 - European Winner 2011
​​Top Greyhound
2010, 2011 & 2013 i n the Danish Kennel Club & Sighthound Club
2012 Sighthound Club - 2014 Danish Kennel Club - Europa Junior Winner 2011
​​Who lives where?
It requires a lot to have a big pack of dogs! Therefore, we co-own some of our dogs. They live with some amazing families and are spoilt ... a lot!
​​Males for mating?
Are you interested in using one of our males for a mating, please feel free to contact us - you just can not be sure that we have him here at home with us. All the dogs we co-own live on Zealand.

Our dogs

​​Churnwood It's All Talk - "Karma"

Titles: DKCH(U), SECH(U) 

European Junior Winner-16, Bennelux Winner-16 

SPK Junior Club Winner-16, Dutch Junior Champion,

Bennelux Junior Champion, Luxemburg Junior Champion


Born: 16.04.2015

DKK DK07912/2015

Sire: Multich. Wild Chase Des Vauriennes

Dam: Ch. Twigle One More Talk


​​Sticky Fingers Des Vauriennes - "Konnie"

Titles: KLBJUBJV18

Born: 15.06.2017


Sire: Multich. Benton Kansas Storm

Dam: Ch. Churnwood It's All Talk


​​Statesman Gossip Girl - "Mette"

Titles: Danish Junior Winner 2016


Born: 14.10.2015


DKK DK10974/2016


Sire: Multich. Welford's Jesmond Waterfall


Dam: Ch. Trystyn's Someone Like Me


​​American League Des Vauriennes - "Heidi"

Titles: CC

Born: 28.02.2015


DKK DK13129/2015


Sire: NLCH Wild Chase Des Vauriennes


Dam: Trystyn's Crime Of Passion


Churnwood First Out - "Peter"

Titles: Supreme BIS Puppy 2013, Junior Welsh of the year 2013 & 2014


Born: 25.10.2012


DKK DK 19481/2012     


Sire: GBCH, GBCH(U) Ferndel Aeron Magregor


Dam: WJW11 NORDCH, DKCH(U), NOCH, SECH(U) Twigle One More Talk


Benton A Phonecall Away  - "Linda"


Titles: KLBJUBBV18


Born: 24.05.2018

DKK DK 14044/2018




Dam: Benton Home Sweet Home


​​Demorz Royal Flush (AI) - "Thomas"

Titles: DKJV-17, DKV-17, Multi Best in Group Baby and BEST IN SHOW Baby at his first 3 shows in Australia


Born: 02.10.2016 Under registration

Colour: Brown and White

Sire: Ch. Arosa Up Upperclass


Dam: Ch. Demorz True Colours


Estet Classic Onyx  - "Olga"


Titles: BIS2 & BIS 3 Baby


Born: 20.10.2018

DKK Under reg.


Sire: Grandcru Xanadu At Estet Classic


Dam: Estet Classic Baroque


Sobers Va Va Voom - "Vespa"



Born: 09.08.2013


DKK DK07197/2014


Sire: Estet Classic Self Made At Sobers


Dam: Ch. Sobers Orianne


Part of Team Churnwood

​​Dogs who are or have been part of the team
We have been fortunate that over the years we have had a lot of nice dogs have have lived in our home and hearts. We have had many exciting experiences at home and abroad at shows, on holiday, on the go ....
Clussexx Step On It To Dons - "Stomp"


KBHV-17, DKKV-17, HCAV-17

BIS Welsh Springer Spaniel Clubshow - Sweden 2017

BOB Westminister - USA 2017

BOB AKC National Championship Show - USA 2016

Born: 21.07.2012 DK12259/2017

Sire: USCH Rolyart's It's All About The Tiiming

Dam: USCH Rolyart's Spring In Your Step

Stomp was Co-owned with Kennel Don's and Kennel Clussexx

​​Twigle One More Talk - "Signe"


KLBV-17, DKKV-16, KLBV-16, NORDW-2016,

WJW-11 Junior World Winner & Winner of Group 8 Junior at the World Dog Show 2011 in Paris


Born: 12.02.2010 DK14727/2010

Sire: AM CH BISS CDX RA MX AXJ MXP MJP CGC - Benton Ivy League

Dam: FICH - Benton Who's Talkin

Signe lives on Møn with Hanne & Michael

Loved & lost

Sobers Krista - "Krista"

Titles: INTCH, NORDCH, DKCH(U), SECH(U), NOCH, ITCH, KLBJUBV-11, NV-12, KBHV-12, DKV-11, DKKV-11 & -13, DKVV -15, DKV-15,   Top Greyhound in the Sighthound Club 2011, 2012 & 2013


Born: 30.01.2007


DKK DK16475/2010


Sire: SBIS INT IT SECH SK CH EUW'03'05 - Epic Brave at Sobers


Dam: SECH, IT CH - Babylon


​​Krista - the white wonder - Kristalina

You left us - on a grey and rainey day ... opposite of how you always were - warm and bright. 2 months short of your 12 year birthday... All your titles don’t matter ... nothing matters now you no longer are here ... Oh Krista how will life ever be the same ... I would live our years together a hundred times over if i could.

Now you are a hundred miles away...but you are woven into my being, like the thread into these clothes... you are woven, but no one can see the strings. Thank you Bitte & Pierluigi for enriching our lives with Krista.

​​Ipi-Pippi Our Loyal Welsh -"Pippi"

Titles: DKCH(U), SECH(U), KLBCH, KLBV06 & '07, DKKV06 & '07DKK Jubilee Winner 2007 & Placed at CRUFTS 2006


Born: 28.07.2004


DKK 03154/2005


Sire:Freckles Privilege


Dam:Ch. Sulwyn Our Loyal Welsh

While everyone celebrated love on Valentine’s day our hearts broke in a thousand pieces. The day we knew would come hit us both hard... Ipi-Pippi,, PhiPhi - she had many names but one heart - and what a heart it was! Pippi never did anything wrong in her long life. She gave love, smiles and happiness wherever her paws went. The well-known wagging Pippi-tail has waved a final good bye and she leaves us heartbroken yet filled with gratitude for all the love and fun we have had with her over the years...


I'll love you, dear, I'll love you
Till China and Africa meet,
And the river jumps over the mountain
And the salmon sing in the street, 
I'll love you till the ocean
Is folded and hung up to dry
And the seven stars go squawking
Like geese about the sky.

W.h. Auden (1937)


​​Benton U Can Talk - "Berta"

Titles: INTCH(U), NORDCH, DKCH(U), NOCH, SECH(U), KLBCH, KLBV-11, DKKV-11, Prag Winner 2007, Junior WSS of the year SPK 2007 & 2008


Born: 23.01.2007


DKK 05075/2007

Sire: GB SH CH & S CH Menstonia Marcel


Dam: INTCH, NORDCH, DKCH, FINCH, S(U)CH, NOCH, EuW-06, KBHV07, KLBCH, NORDV- 07, NORDV-08, DKKV-08 & KLBV-08, #3 All Spaniels 2008 - Benton Let 'Em Talk

Sweet Berta - Little B has left us with aching hearts ... Berta has been a part of our lives almost from the start of our Welsh adventure and she has made sure our time together wasn't boring!

Always ready for fun - even on you last day with us.... Always a paw on our lap during dinnertime... Always last one in bed and last one out on lazy mornings... Always happy... Always in our hearts.


"Sweet is the memory of distant friends! Like the mellow rays of the departing sun, it falls tenderly, yet sadly, on the heart."
- Irving Washington

Berta, we will remember you when the mellow rays of the departing sun warms our faces and the rest of your freckled friends here 


​​Churnwood Always A Pleasure - "Agnes"

Titles: BIS, INTCH(U), NORDCH, DKCH(U), SECH(U), NOCH, KLBCHDKKV-14, DKKV-13, DKKV-10, KLBV-14, KLBV-12, KLBV-10, KBHV-12, DKV-10, Berlin Sieger 2011


Born: 01.07.2008- DK15031/2008

Sire: AM CH BISS CDX RA MX AXJ MXP MJP CGC - Benton Ivy League


Dam: INTCH, NORDCH, DKCH, FINCH, S(U)CH, NOCH, EuW-06, KBHV07, KLBCH, NORDV- 07, NORDV-08, DKKV-08 & KLBV-08, #3 All Spaniels 2008 - Benton Let 'Em Talk


​​Don's Paparazzi - "Prince"

Titles: BISS BIS, WW-10, EuW-11, USCH, INTCH(U), SECH(U), DKCH(U), DKKV-11, KBHV-12, DKKV-12, KLBV-13


Born: 02.07.2006 - 29.03.2016


DKK S 53885/2006

Sire: Don's Dalesman 


Dam: Cleavehill Princess Patsy


Prince is co-owned with Kennel Don's -


"Prince... a true gentleman"

A true gentleman always charming and leading the girls astray. Prince was a companion in every sense of the word and has given us so many lovely memories during his life in Denmark. He had his winning ways all over the world from Scandinavia to America adding many titles to his name. There were many firsts with Prince, but one we will cherish forever was when he, as the first Welsh Springer Spaniel in Denmark, became Supreme Best In Show at the Spaniel Specialty …


He has also put his firm paw print in the lovely puppies he has sired many places in the world. We will miss his lovable personality, his fun and games on the fields and his head on our knees at night. Prince was co-owned with Kennel Don’s.


We would like to give our special thanks to Annica, Karin and Lena for entrusting us with Prince. Run free old chap, you were one of a kind and we will always remember you.

Benton Let 'Em Talk - "Martta"

Titles: BIS-2 and BIS-3 at the Spaniel Specialty in Hyvinkaa i 2003 & 2005,Top bitch in Finland 2006, Top Welsh at the Gold Cup 2007 and a lot more...


During the 3 years we were blessed with Martta here in Denmark, she gained the following placements: 3 x BIS-2, 1 x BIS-4, 2 x BIG-2, 1 x BIG-4, 16 x BOB, 3 x BOS


Born: 26.03.2002 - 18.03.2010

DKK DK06657/2007


Sire:SECH(U) - Dons TT


Dam:INT & FIN & NOCH & DKCH(U) & SECH(U) FINJW-00 NORDW-00, -01, -02, FINW-04 - Benton Garden Party


"Martta was a fantastic dog..."

Martta was a fantastic dog both at home as well as when showing. Her breeder Marjo Jaakkola, writes: "Martta had an immaculate show career in Finland before she moved to Denmark in 2007 to Kennel Churnwood. She won a gundog group in Finland and several other group placements. She won her first winner title at European Winner Show, but was often 'the bridesmaid' - she took 2nd best bitch placement at Norwegian Winner 2004, Finnish Winner 2005, Nordic Winner 2005, Finnish Winner 2006. She was a great brood bitch and had two litters in Finland with me, 13 puppies, 8 of whom became champions. She gave me the beautiful sisters; FIN CH EuJW-06 FINW-07 Benton Pearl at Wesper (TOP WSS in FINLAND 2007, BIS winner at Karkku Springer Specialty 2006) and S U(u) CH NordJW-05 SW-07 FINW-08 Benton Pep Talk who was Runner Up TOP WSS in FINLAND 2007, 2008, TOP WSS BITCH in FINLAND 2008, BIS winner at Karkku Springer Specialty 2009). In her second litter to Sh CH/SU(U) Ch Menstonia Marcel she produced INT & FIN & S(u) CH Benton Ugly Duckling (TOP WSS in FINLAND 2009), Int Ch Benton Under Oath. Most important of all she was a lovely gentle dog, with a super temperament and always gave her best in everything she did. She will be missed tremendously! “




Spring 2007 Martta moved to Denmark to join the Churnwood Team. Here she continued her winning ways and quickly gained her Danish-, Nordic- & International champion titles. Club champion was also swiftly added to her name. Copenhagen winner 07 and Nordic winner 07 & 08 – she kept going and ended 2008 with a great Top 3 All Spaniels! The same year she gave us our first litter after Am Ch Benton Ivy League. From this litter there are already two champions, making Martta the dam of 10 champions so far. In 2010 her show career ended with 1 x BIS2, 1 x BIS4, 1 x BIG4 og 4 x BOB.


We feel blessed for having her in our lives – we had many plans for the future and had hoped for many more years, but sadly it did not go that way. Rosettes and fine titles are one thing – but Martta won our hearts from day one. She was our companion and amazing friend, always happy, courageous and had a drive you could only dream of. She was gentle, devoted and loving. She will be missed indescribable for ever. We see a little of her every day in her daughters – Agnes when she effortless runs across the fields throwing a glance over her shoulder at us – Berta when she like her mother always is ready for fun and games – and Esther her granddaughter, who loves to be close to us and cuddle…Thank you Martta for enriching our lives with your presence.

Sobers Marigold - "Villa"

Born: 02.06.2009 - 22.10.2014


Sire: ITCH JEuW'08 - Showline Sporting Trophy At Sobers


Dam: ITCH - Sobers Glorienne


My Villa - you were the first sentence in the sighthound-chapter of my life. Nothing will ever be the same as before ...


Benton Fog On The Tyne - "Jacob"
Born: 14.02.2011 - 12.05.2014   


Sire: SH CH Ferndel Aeron Magregor 


Dam: INT NORD CH FinJW-08 NORDW-10 HeW-10 FINW-10 - Benton Walk of Fame


Cashi's Fújiko Laika-Chan - "Sille"

Born: 22.12.2001 - 06.09.2009


Sire: DKCH, KLBCH - Fujijama Yukon Friend


Dam: DKCH - Cashis Laika


Sille was our first ”joint dog”. She has been with us from our apartment in Copenhagen to the new house in the countryside. Sille has taught us so many things and is the reason for Lotte taking her dog behaviour education.


Sille was a typical Shiba Inu – but defies the Breed standard, by being able to run off the lead most placed. She was very intelligent and loves to do tricks – the latest one being sneezing on command. 


She was a little dog with a big personality – our life was never boring with her in the house and we owe her a big thank you for the knowledge about dog behaviour we bit have today. The reason for Sille not being bred from was because she was a typical "Friday-dog" - being ill quite a lot. We have been greatfull for each day we had with her.


Evita Vom Haus Mühlenburg - "Frida"

Born: 25.09.2003 - 03.09.2004




Dam: Red And White's Wawa Dana V. Cheval


It was with great sorrow, that we had to say goodbye to our beloved Frida – who sadly only lived 11 months. She was so plagued with allergy, that we had to make the very hard and difficult choice to end her short life.


Frida was diagnosed with dust mite- (Atopi) and foodallergy which she had suffered under since she was a puppy. The allergy became so bad in the end, that her future quality of life would have been very deteriorated – in spite of the many treatments she undercame. We had contacted two veterinarians as well as a dermatology expert, who all said that Frida never would have a good life again.


 Since we have had a dog with allergy in our lives already, it is something we will focus a lot on in the future.


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