We live in a lovely big house, south of Slagelse on Midsealand. Our house is situated in peaceful rural surroundings, down a gravel road and is surrounded by our 3 acres of land, being mainly fenced in for the dogs to use. We have fields, an orchard and a little forest with a stream running thru.


Over the years, we have both tried to keep our fingers on the "dog-pulse". We have dogs on the program not only in our spare time but also thru our work. We try to keep ourselves up-to-date with everything within the dog world - both in behavior, but also the health of our dog breeds.


Lotte has written the most comprehensive book about spaniels "Spanielbogen" (The Spaniel Book) and "Retrieverbogen" (The Retriever Book). She works as head of marketing at Agria Petinsurance. In 2020 she the exam as a FCI show judge for welsh springer spaniel. In her spare time, she works with Jeanette Clausen, where guidance for new dogowners, breedspecific training, behavioural consultations and many more things are part of the scedule. The company is called - your puppy. Lotte is a qualified "dog instructor" with behaviour and problem solving as her specialty - educated by the Norwegian Turid Rugaas. Other than that she is qualified as a clicker instructor educated by "Hund & Træning". She has attended courses in "scent-discrimination" with Anne-Lill Kvam from Norway as well as courses in "aggression and defence in dogs", with the British Sheila Harper (Qanuk Canine Education). In 2005 she also qualified as a puppy-instructor with the Danish Spaniel Club and wrote a book - "The puppy book" for the Danish Spaniel Club.


Jan Works as a photographer. He spends most of his spare time with freelance photo shoots primarily photographing dogs.


In 2003 we both completed The Danish Kennel Club's "Breeder Education". In august 2006 We both took on the layout-post of the Spaniel Club's magazine "Spaniel Nyt".


You are always very welcome to contact us by phone or e-mail if you have any questions. We hope you enjoy the time spent on our homepage!



In April 2019 we both recieved the Spaniel Clubs Honorery pin.


Here are some of the things said by the Spaniel Club board at today’s general assembly.

“Lotte and Jan are awarded the Spaniel Club's honorary pin for their great work for many years, which they have, among other things, provided in connection with the club's magazine “Spaniel Nyt”, Lotte's great work in the health committee and for their general assistance to the club and last but not least - the work they have done with their dogs.”

“We, in the Spaniel Club board, have always appreciated your good ideas and useful inputs - you have always been ready to help when something new and exciting was implemented in the club. You have both been a huge driving force and inspiration for us on the current board. You work in a very professional way, and communication with the board has always been extremely pleasant, which has made the work so much easier for all.”

“You have always worked very seriously with your dogs, and have always had the will to aim for the best through your breeding off welsh springer spaniels.”

“You have put a lot of work into the spaniel breeds in general - and most recently with great work over several years, which resulted in a lovely spaniel book. Congratulations on that. Relevant and inspiring material for both new and old spaniel owners, and with fantastic pictures throughout.”

Two of your friends and dog-colleagues were asked for their thoughts…

“As breeders, with their great visions for the breed, they have brought in dogs from near and far and have never been afraid to discard dogs not suitable for breeding and refused to compromise. As editors of the Club Magazine they have over the last +10 years transformed it into a graphically beautiful magazine. Lotte has been the standard bearer for health in our spaniels thru her work in the health committee. With their great involvement in spaniels and with the release of the Spaniel book, Jan and Lotte are not just Mr. and Mrs. Welsh, they are Mr. and Mrs. Spaniel.”


“An autumn day in 2005, I got to know the most amazing people. It has since been many hours together with our four-legged friends. Showing, hunting, trails, training and so much fun. With your at all times big commitment, your great knowledge, your passion for always doing the right thing for our dogs and your fight to ensure healthy and well-functioning dogs is commendable. It is always a pleasure to be in your company and I am proud and happy to know you.”

Regards, The Spaniel Club board


[TJØHNWOOD] - but why?

The Prefix "Churnwood” originates from a Road (Churnwood Road) in Colchester, England where Lotte lived as a child. Here she had the first experiences with dogs - including the many dogs in the family – specially the Golden Retriever ”Cedar”. At that time she already knew that her life would be lived with dogs. Jan has subsequently experienced dogs at the same address. So it did not take us long to agree on the prefix - ”Kennel Churnwood”.

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